RIDERS FAQWelcome riders! Do you have questions? We have the answers! Please browse through our Rider FAQ topics to get answers to all of the most common rider questions. As always, you are welcome to reach out to us any time.​

In response to Covid19, and in order to create a safer environment for riders and drivers during their rides, all Zoom Ride drivers and riders (above the age of 2 years old,) are now required to wear a mask on all Zoom Ride trips. Zoom Ride has also changed the ride capacity limits. The capacity numbers given in each of the ride tier descriptions reflect these changes. Front seat riders are not allowed on any ride, on any of our ride tiers until further notice.

How do I request a ride?

  • 1. Tap at the top of the screen where it says ‘Your Destination?’ to enter where you would like to go.
  • 2. Choose your preferred ride type from the vehicles shown.
  • 3. Click ‘Go’ to request a ride.

The Pickup location will automatically be set by your phone’s gps locator. This address is shown in the middle of the screen. Verify the pickup location is correct before you book. To change your pickup:

  • 1. click on Change Pickup and type in the correct address.
  • 2. The app will automatically recalculate the fare cost.

ZoomEco is the most common choice for riders. This is an economical and comfortable ride for up to 3 passengers.

ZoomPlus is the best choice if you need a bit more room. This ride type holds up to 5 passengers.

ZoomPremium is for those looking to ride in a mid-level luxury vehicle. This ride type holds up to 3 passengers.

ZoomBlack is for those looking to ride in a newer and higher end luxury vehicle. Black vehicles are black with black leather interior and hold up to 3 passengers.

ZoomBlackSUV is the highest ride tier. These newer luxury SUVs hold up to 5 passengers and are black with black leather interior.

For safety and insurance reasons, drivers cannot accept more riders than available seatbelts in the vehicle. If upon arrival at the pick-up location it is found that there are too many riders for the ride type, you may cancel and request the correct ride type. Even if the driver happens to have a vehicle that can hold your group, but you didn’t book under the correct type, you will need to cancel and order the correct size. The driver is only insured for the group size the trip was booked for. He/she cannot take more.

You will incur a cancellation fee to compensate the driver for the trip to the pick-up location.

No. For legality, ride payment, and security purposes, your driver account must list your legal name as listed on your license and vehicle documents. Riders will only be shown your first name.

You can add up to 1 stop during your ride. More than 1 stop will require booking an hourly ride. This option may save you $ while you run your errands! To add stops:

  • 1. First enter the final destination as directed at the top of the screen
  • 2. Click on the gray + next to the destination at the top that you just entered
  • 3. Type in the stop address
  • 4. Repeat the process to add another stop
  • 5. Click the gray garbage icons next to the stops to delete/make corrections as needed
  • 6. Be sure that the stops are shown in the correct order with the final drop off showing at the top next to the orange To
  • 7. Complete the booking by selecting the other ride options as needed
  • 8. Click “Go” to order
  • 9. It is recommended that you verify the stops are entered correctly with the driver upon pickup.

Please Note: unless it is an hourly ride, the driver is only required to wait 4 minutes at a stop before ending the ride to be available for other trips. If you need more time per stop please book an hourly ride.

If you have any drivers added to your Favorite Driver List the app will automatically check to see if any of your favorite drivers are available in the area to take rides. If so, they will receive your ride request first. If none of your favorite drivers are available then the app will automatically send your request to another available driver nearby.

In the lower left side of the main screen click the % icon and enter your code..

Ride Options

If you have a meeting, want to do some shopping or running errands with more than 1 stop, an hourly ride may be the choice for you. With an hourly ride you book by the hour, instead of by the distance between pickup and destination. This ride type charges you a flat hourly fee per hour and will automatically continue to charge by the hour as the previously booked hour expires until the ride has ended. This ride option is only available for local rides, not for traveling a long distance.

This ride type is for when you are traveling farther than the average ride (40 miles+.) Booking under the Long Ride option will let your driver know when they receive the trip request that this is a longer trip and ensures that you will only get a driver who is able and prepared to go on a longer ride.

This ride type is for when you are traveling farther than the average ride (40 miles+.) Booking under the Long Ride option will let your driver know when they receive the trip request that this is a longer trip and ensures that you will only get a driver who is able and prepared to go on a longer ride.

Ride Preferences Menu

Toward the bottom left of the screen when you are ordering your ride, click on the 2nd icon from the left,( the 2 lines with dots) and swipe the added ride option on that you are looking for. Note, ONLY female riders may request a female driver. Then when you click ‘go’ to request your ride these options will filter the drivers to only find one that has what you are looking for. These preferences are subject to availability.

Need to catch a flight or get to a meeting on time? Click Schedule at the bottom of the main screen. Enter your date, time, and choose your ride type to schedule your ride and a driver will be able to see and accept your ride request ahead of time.

Yes. Using our Book4Other feature makes it easier and more secure for them too. At the bottom of the main booking screen click on Book4Other.

1) Enter the first name of the person taking the ride so that the driver knows who they are picking up

2) Enter their phone number so that they will receive the needed trip updates/info and have the ability to contact the driver about their trip.

3) FEnter their destination at the top of the screen as directed

4) The main trip booking screen will come back up for you to choose their ride type and complete the booking. Make sure you entered the pick up location

We allocate 1.5 minutes to look for a car that matches your request which includes preferences such as car type, favorite driver, female driver (for female riders,) wheelchair accessible, driver that speaks your prefered language, and etc.

If a ride is not found within 1.5 minutes you will be notified and asked to try again at a later time, or to change your ride preferences. Preferences like: car type, ride type (hourly ride, favorite driver, non-female driver (for female riders,) wheelchair accessible, driver that speaks your prefered language, and etc.

If you’d like to change the preferences, cancel the trip on the main screen. In the upper left corner of the main screen (next to where you typed your destination ”) click on the 3 lines to open the Rider Menu options. Here under Ride Preferences, you can increase the possibility of finding a ride by turning off the preferences such as ‘ car with a child seat’ ‘heelchair accessible vehiclew’ and ‘request a female driver‘ if you are a female.

You can use the in-app call and chat features to talk with your driver. Just press on the chat or call icons in the bottom of the screen. Chat is preferred so that they can still continue to view the map as they drive towards your pick up location.

Starting the Ride

The driver will wait for you for 4 minutes upon arrival. After 4 minutes of waiting the driver may cancel so that he/she can take other rides. You will then be billed a $5.50 cancellation fee to compensate the driver for the drive to you and the time spent waiting. Please note that after 2 minutes of waiting, you will be charged a waiting fee per minute till the ride starts.

The Ride Code is a code that is automatically generated with each ride request. It will be on your main screen once the driver arrives. This code ensures additional security for both you and the driver, and can also be used for you to log into the Zoom Ride free WiFi where available.The driver enters the code you give them from your app into their app to start the ride. It will only work if you are the correct rider for the trip. If your code is not correct, then this is not your driver and they will not be able to start the trip.

To use the code to access our free in-car WiFi during your ride: Enter the word zoom (all lowercase) before the code as the WiFi password. Example: Your rider code is 1234. Your WiFi password is zoom1234.

Your app will show you the driver profile that you may use to further verify n your driver before you enter the vehicle or give them the Ride Code. The driver profile includes:

  • 1. A picture of your driver
  • 2. Your driver’s first name
  • 3. The vehicle make/model/color and picture
  • 4. The vehicle plate #
  • 5. The driver’s accumulated rating (out of 5 stars) from other riders

Drivers may use their preferred navigation software, (Waze, Google, etc.) and not all programs are going to always direct them exactly the same as the Zoom Ride map shows, or the route you might normally take. They may be navigating around unseen traffic issues such as accidents or backups in order to get you to your destination more efficiently. You are always welcome to ask your driver about their chosen route. If you feel uncomfortable, please click the SOS orange icon in the app and choose one of the options to reach out for assistance.

My Trips

After the driver has started the ride, the driver can end the ride upon your request and your fare will be recalculated based on the accumulated time and mileage of the trip, as well as any wait time, surge and tolls if applicable.

Ending the Ride

Once the driver arrives at your destination and ends the ride you will see the End Ride screen. You will see your ride total fare, along with the distance and duration of the ride, and the pickup and dropoff locations. Here you will finalize details such as rating the driver, adding a tip, etc. You can complete this now or later.

  • 1. Click the Swipe to End Ride at the bottom of the screen
  • 2. Change the driver rating as needed
  • 3. Give the driver a compliment and a trophy to show your appreciation if you wish
  • 4. Choose a pre-defined tip amount or enter your own amount
  • 5. If you liked the driver, add the driver to your Favorite Driver List to request him/her for future rides if you wish
  • 6. Click Done

Fare Pricing and Fees

Your fare includes an upfront booking fee and charges for the estimated accumulated time and mileage of the trip, as well as any estimated wait time, surge and tolls if applicable. Your price may change if any stops are added or the destination is changed, or if the length, duration, or route of your trip changes.

If a driver reports and shows proof of damage or a mess made either in, or to their vehicle during a trip you took, or one that you booked for someone else, you will be charged a fee to compensate the driver for the time and cost of the cleanup or repairs. The cleaning fee or damage fee will be added to your trip invoice.

As you are a guest in the driver’s vehicle, we ask that it is treated with respect and care. It is recommended that you and your guests do not eat, drink or smoke in the vehicle, book a ride when you are feeling like you could become ill, wear soiled clothing, wear anything sharp that could damage the vehicle seats, or transport other items that could potentially make a mess/cause damage during your trip.

When you order a ride you have 2 minutes to cancel the ride without a fee as your driver has already begun to drive towards the pickup location and is no longer available to accept other rides.

The cancellation fee is charged to compensate the driver for their time and mileage. This fee may vary by city, state, and market demand. You will also be charged a cancellation fee if the driver has to cancel upon arrival at the pickup for:

  • 1. If you do not arrive to take the ride after 4 minutes of wait time
  • 2. If you have too many riders, exceeding seating capacity, for the booked ride type
  • 3. If you have a child that requires a car seat and you do not have one, or did not request a car seat ride at booking
  • 4. The trip was booked for an unaccompanied minor. Our drivers cannot drive anyone under 18 years old without an adult present
  • 5. If you didn’t provide the Rider Code that is shown on the main screen of the rider app, the ride could not be started.

The only exception to the 2 minute rule is if your driver is not traveling towards your pickup location and/or will not arrive in the estimated time frame given at the time of the ride request. Then you may cancel and request another ride without paying the fee. Scheduled rides may be canceled without a fee anytime before the driver has begun traveling towards the pickup location.

If you believe that you have been incorrectly charged a cancellation fee please contact us via the Rider Support Menu and we will gladly investigate the trip and refund the fee if it shouldn’t have been charged.

If a driver finds and returns an item you left behind during your trip you will be charged a $15 fee. The driver receives this to compensate them for taking the time to return the item. If you have lost an item during a trip, you can report it via the Rider Support Menu and we will help you get in contact with the driver to get the item returned to you ASAP.

Safety Features

Your comfort and safety is our #1 priority. You have various options to reach out for help if at any time you feel unsafe for any reason.

  • 1. You can easily share your trip info from start to finish with a loved one. Once your ride has begun, click the share ride button on the main screen and choose a person from your contacts list to share via text, email, etc, then they will be able to follow along with your ride in real time.
  • 2. To alert our Emergency Response Team, click the SOS button at the top of the screen. On the next screen, hold the Panic button for 2 seconds. This will allow our team to have instant audio and video access to what is occurring in the vehicle in real time and to take appropriate actions as needed.
  • 3. The Send SMS button will immediately send an SMS to your emergency contact with your trip details telling them to contact you immediately.
  • 4. Call 911. For actual emergency use only. This will call 911 and immediately dispatch emergency services to your location.

Rider Menu and Settings

Trips-past and scheduled?
Favorite Drivers?
Ride Preferences?
Refer & Earn Code?
Quick Ride Options?
Rider Support contact options?

In the upper left of the main screen (next to where you type your destination) click on the 3 lines to open a list of your account options. Here you can view past/upcoming trips, edit your preferences for favorite drivers, turn the request a female driver preference to always on if you are a female, edit your payment method in your wallet, edit your profile, edit your preferred language and much more.